|A midnight story|

It was almost midnight, I was all alone at my place as I use to live in an apartment far away from my home town for the purpose of job in this metro city.

Although, I was fond of this loneliness but that night was feeling quite alone and restless. It was difficult for me to sleep so, I jumped up from the bed and moved towards the kitchen to prepare a cup of coffee. My flat was on the top floor of the building which provides me the benefits to sit at the terrace, watch the stars and enjoy fresh breeze at night.

Therefore, I moved towards the terrace with a cup of coffee in my hand. On reaching there, I found a little holabaloo all around as it was summer’s time. I sat quietly at chair and started to enjoy my coffee.

Generally, when you live alone far away from your home and family, sometimes it creates a deep sense of loneliness. Despite of engaging myself in reading, writing and watching my favorite show, it use to feel alone sometimes. So most of the time , I use to sit on the the terrace, enjoy coffee and take deep breaths which helps me much to recollect peace of my mind.

But that night, something different happened. While taking coffee sips and leaning on the railing, I saw a guy playing guitar at the terrace of the next apartment. It looked like an another victim of loneliness is trying to find his peace of mind in silence of the night. The guy was softly playing guitar’s chord and was lost in his own world like completely unaware of his surroundings. I continuously gazed at him as if I found something common in between us. I was so lost in his music, totally unaware of the fact that the guy has also noticed me watching at him continuously. And then, what I see he keeps his guitar a side and coming closer towards the railing of his apartment facing towards me. He stops there and look at me very keenly.

This time our eyes met for the first time. There was something in his eyes which was so attractive that it was pulling me towards him. But only after a minute or two, I turned back and had my eyes off him pretending like I don’t know about his existence. But deep inside my heart I was willing to look at him again and again. His presence was attractive to an extent that I couldn’t resist myself to look at him once more.

So, I turns back towards him and what I see, the guy has gone from there! Once again, I was left alone at that restless night.

But wait! what was happening to me? I was feeling butterflies in my stomach after seeing this stranger. May be I have fallen for him or may be I’ve fallen in love!

I never believed in love at first sight but now I do, yes! I do it with whole of my heart…..


A moment of solace in midst of chaos

What is going to happen with me in the upcoming years? How am I going to settle my career ? How would I grow up my business? How am going to solve my relationship conflicts? How would I achieve success in my life? Blah blah blah..

And the list of such questions in our head is endless! Being responsible is the best and ultimate thing. If you will not be responsible about your actions you won’t be able to achieve anything in life. But let me take a moment out of your extra engaged life and ask a question. “Are you really ‘living’ your life? ” By ‘living‘ I don’t just mean breathing in and exhaling out . That every living organism in this universe do ! The thing is that Do you really have a moment to live your life in a true sense ? If you consider passing life this way in a lot of pressure and over worries about present and future is calling ‘living’ . Then let me tell you it’s not living rather it is ‘spending’ of life. Spending life in making yourself ill.

This kind of life is like a pressure cooker which could burst due to extra pressure at any time. These are the reasons why a lot of human beings suffer from Stress-related primary intracerebral hemorrhage. Research into this causes have shown that emotional upset cause a sudden rise in blood pressure / cerebral blood flow , mediating small-vessel fibrinoid necrosis and rupture. (Lammie GA, et al. stroke 2000).

So, basically my point is we are not here in this world to be a ‘pressure cooker’ . We are human beings and have been given life to cherish and feel it. But ,what we are doing with it actually! we are making it burdensome with our tendency to worry and over stress.

So, pause for a moment!! Pack your worries in a bag for sometime.

Go out!! Watch the beauty of nature , meet to your loved ones, talk to your family, feel the rain drops if it is raining, give food to a begger, go out and enjoy eating ice cream like a kid, listen to the sounds of birds chirping , try to laugh a little more harder.

Find a moment for yourself . Just go right now look into the mirror and give a smile to yourself! Feel relaxed what an excellent living being you are. Don’t spoil yourself by taking a lot of burden over your head. Don’t just be responsible but also take care of yourself.


The most beautiful gift you can ever give to yourself is a moment for which your own life is thankful to you!!

Stay connected#

#Stay peaceful 👍

The exposure Therapy: power of exposure’s impact on mind

The Exposure Therapy : power of exposure’s impact on mind

Mind is a great power! We can mould our thoughts the way we want to. Though, it’s difficult to forget certain things or memories ( the one we don’t want to remember at all ) if you continuously recall them in your head. But the fact is that, with the passage of time, these memories could be faded away if we start driving our thoughts in the right direction.

This blog will let you know that we can mould our thoughts with the different type of exposures. Let me explain it with a personal experience:

I watched two different movies for two consecutive days and they had completely different impacts on my mind. With this my mind has been exposed to two different scenario. The exposure nearly had its impact for 1-2 hour (this exposure’s impact could vary from person to person).

The first movie I watched was a science fiction. After watching it, my mind started to think in that particular direction. It began to think about discoveries and inventions. Thus, it became more curious and creative for the next few hours .

Second day I watched a mystery/crime film , it lead a different impact on my conscience. Now the mind began to think in terms of Social process for the next few hours.

Therefore, I jumped to a conclusion that mind begin to think in a particular direction on getting a certain exposure as long as the exposure’s impact remain strong. But as soon as the exposure’s impact fades away , we start to engage in the previous thought process again.

The purpose of explaining this exposure’s impact is to let you know that we can mould our thoughts in a different way by giving them a desired exposure such as by trying a new hobby, activity or skill. It’s up to you! All you have to do is to divert your mind and think in a different direction.

Keep practising this therapy continuously and you will find yourself a completely different person .

So promise yourself today that inspite of exposing your mind towards something which is uncontrollable and unfavourable, invest into something which would be productive and progressive for yourself!!

“Remember once you learn to let go, you gain everything you were holding onto”

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Stay peaceful#

“We Care”

If you come to know your BLISSFULNESS then you astonish what amount of ‘good’ you can do for yourself, others & for those who are deservant of it. Recognize YOURSELF what you are and how far you can go in life.. You don’t need anybody else to identify your INNER ABILITIES. It’s YOU, yes ‘You’ only who could bring out the best in yourself & can take it to the optimum level of excellency..

Stop doubting yourself today and right now !!Speak to yourself everyday –
I am ‘worthy, ‘self-sufficient‘, ‘valuable’ ‘intellectual’, ‘thoughtful’ and I can do many valuable things in life !!

With our blog peacefulmind you will be able to bring out the best within you. We aim at providing every possible help to you at the personal and emotional level. You can share your views, ideas and dilemmas with us and we will try to solve it in the best way. Moreover we will keep updating you with interesting posts to live out a happy , interesting and soulful life.. Our primary goal is self improvement. And we desire to bring a smile on your face 😊..

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Feel free to share your personal views, experiences and dilemmas with us. We will feel happy to help you as our primary goal is your self improvement and self care..we desire to always bring out a smile on your face ☺️

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